A compact, folding and movable (rolling) table for use in any craft–scrapbooking, model building, etc.

folding craft table Folding Scrapbook/Craft Table

This folding craft and scrapbook folding table offers a large workspace when completely expanded.  Crafters will find a full 76″ (19 square feet of craft workspace) of table top workspace to engage in their favorite craft or scrapbooking project.  When not in use and folded up your special craft work area consumes a minimal 3 square feet of floor space.  “Big things come is little packages,” as they say.  This compact size let’s you store it in a small space.

The table come with casters to allow easy movement to areas where you prefer to work.  There is a center shelf which is great for storing your scrapbook or craft supplies while you work.

There is a companion hutch that can be set on the table our mounted on the wall to expand you craft or scrapbook supplies.

folding craft table hutch Folding Scrapbook/Craft Table

Many great scrapbook and craft creations can be made on this expandable workspace combination.  This folding craft table and hutch could be the solution to your needs.

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