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hopscotchlayout 150x150 Chalk It Up!When someone says “chalk” you probably think of the photo above or tracing a “hopscotch” on the pavement. Well there is another use for chalk–in scrapbooking.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to dress up or embellish some of your scrapbook die cuts or pages? Chalking may just be the answer. Not only is the process a great way to add a touch of color, the process is easy. Chalking can add depth, highlight or shade an item, and let you create your own elegant background papers.

Beginner’s Primer

  • If you’ve never decorated with chalk before here are some basic and useful hints to get you going.
  • You want to use chalk that is both acid free and photo-safe.
  • Keep your chalk in a container–preferably clear plastic so you can see the colors–with a tight-fitting lid. You don’t want your colored chalk to get all over things you don’t want chalk on.
  • Applicators. Most chalk sets will come with applicators. Use only one color per applicator–even when you mix colors–to keep your chalk clean. Most scrapbook and craft stores have additional applicators you can purchase in packages. Make-up sponges, cotton balls and clean eye shadow applicators will also work nicely.
  • Blending (mixing) colors. As noted above, you may have occasion to blend colors…more likely than not. In addition to having clean applicators, you want to blend your colors on a clean sheet of paper. You can experiment some with them to get the right hue, shape or tint (see articles on color and color scheme). You can see what colors work best together. To blend colors simply dip or rub your applicator in one color then a second color, then test it on a clean piece of paper. If it looks right then add it to your page or die-cut.
  • Correcting mistakes, and they do happen, is easy. Use a fixative” on your page. Chalk will brush off onto your page and others without being fixed or sealed.

colored chalk Chalk It Up!
Note: There are some crafters who do not use a fixative. They simply place a piece of typing or other absorbent paper over their page and rub firmly over their chalked items. This removes much of the loose chalk and presses the remaining chalk into their page. This can change the look you were trying to get. You may want to do both–paper rub and a spray fixative.

A Note of Caution: Don’t use hairspray as a fixative. Hairspray has additives that can harm photos and cause discoloration.

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