This portable craft work table from Baby Lock a division of Tacony Corporation will provide ease and loads of workspace you can use at home or away . . . a fantastic solution for those with limited space, and for those who “scrap around.”

scrap n stow6 Scrap N Stow Portable Scrapbooking/Craft Table

Every scrapbook crafter’s dream is to have a dedicated workspace to use when creating their scrapbook and craft projects. The Scrap-N-Stow Portable Table is one of the answers to your dilemma.  This crafter’s workspace folds for ease of storage and portability.  Now you have a workspace you can take where you can work on your projects at your leisure and convenience.  You are not constrained to having to work in one specific space or area.

This is a heavy duty molded table tuff enough to handle any craft project. The table top work area is a spacious 52″ x 26″.  With the fold down legs in place this table stands approximate 33″ high.  (This height allows the use of a standard chair, but may require a taller stool to sit on and work for shorter people.  Taller individuals may find standing and  bending over to do their crafting is uncomfortable and tiring.)  The luggage wheels and drag handle allow moving your workspace around easily.

Under the foldout workspace top you’ll find several spacious compartments where you can store scrapbook or craft projects.  There is a space that will accommodate 12″ x 12″ paper, and an array of craft tools.  Didn’t complete a project?  No worry, there’s places to store it too, until you can get back to it.  Having things stowed away inside the table means less fuss and time to get re-engaged in your projects.

The dual lids open easily and drop to the sides of the table–out of the way nestled against the steel legs.  This exposed workspace is ready for action.  Fill the compartments with the paper and tools you use most often, or you have organized for a specific project.

Having a durable molded folding work station you can easily store under a bed could well be the answer to your card making, crafting and scrapbooking needs. The Scrap-N-Stow could well be your solution.

Scrap-N-Stow Views
scrap in stow Scrap N Stow Portable Scrapbooking/Craft Table scrap n stow2 Scrap N Stow Portable Scrapbooking/Craft Table
scrap n stow3 Scrap N Stow Portable Scrapbooking/Craft Table scrap n stow51 Scrap N Stow Portable Scrapbooking/Craft Table
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