Every serious scrapbook die-hard or crafter craves a dedicated workspace on which to create their masterpieces of handy work. Space is always a limitation, but for some there is a nook or space that could be converted to a work station.

There are portable or folding work spaces available too. We have provided some basic information on some of the options available to crafters and scrapbookers who want a more dedicated place to do their work than on the counter top, dinning room or kitchen table. While this list may not be complete by any means, there are some great options to consider from the simple to the more robust furniture armoire option.

You may be saying to yourself, “having a dedicated workspace is a pure luxury.” On the surface you can easily rationalize away this import part of scrapbooking. In the end, having a workspace dedicated to your craft is a must for all crafters and scrapbookers who are engaged one or two days a week in their projects. Consider the artist, quilter, the seamstress or sewer, each have special needs and requirements to work on their projects. Are scrapbooking and other crafters any less deserving of a “major tool” to make their projects on?  Having a scrapbook or crafting table is not a luxury, a cost yes, but not a luxury if you are a serious crafter.

If you don’t have a dedicated workspace/table here are some worth suggestions:

We’re sure there are other work spaces available –including those custom made for you and your specific work area, but these options noted above will serve the needs of most scrappers and crafters.  There are sewing cabinets that will give you a flat work space, but don’t offer the storage you may desire.

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