The Basics of Rubber Stamping

rubber stamp collage Basics of Rubber Stamping

Rubber Stamp Collage

This is a simple treaties on Rubber Stamping. It should give you enough information to help you in your scrapbooking efforts, and in doing some embossing. Please accept that this is not an all inclusive treatise on the subject. You will be well served to study the subject further–especially if you are going to do more stamping in the future.

Supplies you will need:

  • Rubber stamp(s) of your choice. Select stamps you feel you will use often as your first choice to save on costs by being able to use them over and over.
  • Acid free permanent ink.
  • If embossing you may prefer a clear embossing ink.
  • Acid free paper.

With a rubber stamp in hand, tap it several times on the stamp pad to ensure it has good full coverage. Then place the inked stamp on your paper. Be sure the stamp is flat on the paper–and press down firmly, but don’t rock the stamp. Uniform pressure on all of the stamp is essential or you will end up with a “patchy” impression.

When removing the stamp, to help ensure a clean crisp stamped image, lift the stamp straight up off the paper.

Allow the image to dry thoroughly–unless you are embossing. Resist the urge to touch the stamped image until itis completely dry or you will end up with smudges.

If the stamp was not placed directly on your scrapbook page or card, then cut out the stamped image and apply it to your page/card.

In addition to embossing, or in place of it, you could use colored pencils and/or markers to fill in areas to enhance your stamped image. You might want to go to this site for more on stamping Stampin’ Up.

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