(Sometimes referred to as “relief” embossing)

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One of the Embellishment Effects You’ll Want to Use.

Scrapbooking is all about organization and tools. When you have the proper tools for the job, and your space is well organized, your project gets done right and quickly.

Embossing is one of those processes that adds a special appearance to a scrapbook page or card. There is a certain elegance produced by embossing.

You are probably most familiar with embossing on business and greeting cards. The embossed element adds a whole new dimension to paper crafting and especially to scrapbook page and card making.

Embossing creates a three dimensional effect. The embossed effect can either be from a raised image, or a sunken-depressed image. When the image is raised or lifted above the paper or card stock surface the image is referred to as being embossed. When the image is sunken or below the paper or card stock surface the image is referred to as being debossed.

There are four methods of embossing you should be concerned with click on the one you would like to learn about:

Here is a treatise for the three of them, but by no means an all inclusive in depth guide. Just click on one of the three methods noted above to take you to the specific information about their individual process

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