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fiskars classic8 scissors Basic Scrapbook Cropping Tools

Everyone getting started with scrapbooking wonders what tools they need in order to begin. Here is a list of basic tools you’ll need. Use your own judgment on what to have, because this list is spartan–just enough to get you started. You will surely add to these basic tools. There are suggestions for additional scrapbooking tools and machines in these companion articles: Basic Tools for Beginning Scrapbookers, Cropping Photos and Matting Photos. These articles will provide you with instructive information on how to crop and mat your photographs, and other useful tools to help you enhance your scrapbooking desires.

We will add to this list as we find helpful tools that come our way. If you have a tool you like, and others may benefit from it, send us an email with information about it. Tell us what it is, who the manufacture is, what it does, and ways you have used it. A photo of a page or card where you have used this tool would be helpful. We’ll pass the review along on our site.

We have listed a few of the tools that can help you in your effort to crop and mat your photos.


cutterpede trimmer 150x150 Basic Scrapbook Cropping Tools

  • Scissors

fiskars classic8 scissors1 Basic Scrapbook Cropping Tools

  • Straight Edge Ruler

ruler Basic Scrapbook Cropping Tools

  • Self Healing Mat

healing cutting mat 150x150 Basic Scrapbook Cropping Tools

  • X-Acto Knife

blick e z grip knife Basic Scrapbook Cropping Tools

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