Scrapbookers have plenty to consider, but taking care of their photograph prints, negatives or digital files has to be one of the most important.


Photographs are the foundation of scrapbooking.  If you’re not taking care of your photo prints, negatives and digital files, you are setting yourself up for future problems.

How many pictures have you sorted through that have been handed down to your trust and care through the years.?  Do you have the negatives?  Do you know who is in the picture?  Where was the snapshot taken, and what does it represent?  These are issues each scrapbooker deals with.  Are you keeping adequate records and notations on the photographs you have taken?

You plan to pass these precious treasures onto your posterity.  Will they find themselves in the same dilemma you were in.  Where you can you should sort, identify and catalog each of your pictures.

You want to store these same cherished memories in such a way as to perpetuate their use and enjoyment for many generations to come.  There are methods and processes to handle these concerns.

We have provided several articles to help in discussing these important aspects of your effort–to share and preserve this photographic legacy for you and others through time.

Here are the articles you should consider to help you along the way:

Good luck as you go about presenting and preserving your photographs, negatives and digital photo files.

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