Putting your photo prints into a digital storage format will help you keep your pictures for a long time.

Do you have boxes and drawers full of printed snapshots.? How about those precious and delicate photos that have been handed down to you over the years from others?  What about those pictures where you have no negative to print additional copies from?  These are questions that confront all of us as the years accumulate–along with the number of pictures we have.

Digital cameras have helped us to some extent keep selected photograhic material in a digital format.  There is still the long term storage of these data files created by our new cameras. 

If you treasure your vast collection of photographs taken over the years, or those given to you, you may want to consider having these prints scanned into a digital format for long term storage. 

The typical home scanner generally doesn’t have the resolution quality you need to scan delicate photos.  We recommend you consider the use of professional scanning services.  You can check with your local photography shops for suggestions of local services to help you.  There are a couple of online services you could use.  While we have used them ourselves, they come with good reputations.  Consider: ScanDigital.com and ScanCafe.com.

Ultimately, we recommend the use of long term digital storage companies like Shutterfly.com to be the respository for our precious snapshots of history.  You should definitely check out their services.

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Digitize Photo Prints For Long-term Storage, 7.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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