Digitizing your printed photographs can provide a way for their long-term storage and care.

Album after album, and box after box of printed photos are neatly stashed in your craft-room or on a closet shelf.  You may have vintage photographs with no negatives.  Is this best place to warehouse these precious clips of time?  Perhaps not, but they are easily accessible.  Assuming you have taken every precaution to ensure your snapshots have been placed in a cool, relatively dry and protected environment, you may still have problems protecting them for the long haul.

Our suggestion is you have them scanned for digital storage.  You can scan them yourself if you have a scanner, but the quality of the image may not be as good as one done by a scanning service.

There are a number of services available, and a quick web search will give you several to choose from.  You may even have a reliable source right in your own area.  You could check with most any reputable photograph store for suggestions and recommendations.

Two online services you may want to consider, but we have not as yet used, are:



Each of these have their strong suits.  The advantage to both is you end up with hard print photos in a digital format.    These digital files could then be uploaded to a service such as Shutterfly.com to store, and allow unique uses of future prints–including sharing them with others (family and friends).

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