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EZView™ – Scrapbook Workspace Desk is one of the several products from TheOriginalScrapbox family.  This work space and storage system is small package, but delivers a big return.  This crafter’s desk is folds easily into a very portable box.  Being able to transport the desk and its contents with roller wheels makes it a great choice for those scrappers who do a fair amount of scrapbooking with friends in different places.

There are drawers, nooks and spaces for your valued scrap tools, paper and embellishments!  Oh, and did we say it’s portable?  What special feature!  This desk and storage unit comes in two colors:  black and white.

When the desk is fully extended it looks like a fine piece of furniture, so, should you have to leave it out, you will be looking a nice addition to your room’s decor.

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