scrapmabob The ScrapBob™ Drink and Trash Holder

You have to have a drink on hand when you’re engaged in a scrapbook marathon that absorbs our complete attention.  We do the best we can to find a suitable safe place to land our mug, cup or glass . . . the best laid plans:  a spill (ouch!!!), or a moisture ring that ruins something we were going to use.  We’ve all been there.

Trash! Yah, there is plenty of it when we get going.  Having a handy place to park these unwanted pieces–that’s out of the way of our work surface–that precious area we never have enough of.

Having a clean and clutter free work space has to be a premium we all deserve, but seldom get.  You can thank The OriginalScrapBox for this handy, clip on to your work desk, could well be the answer you’ve been looking for.  The ScrapBob™ will hold a 32 oz drink and plenty of trash too!

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