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If there is one thing that’s true about scrapbooking, there is never enough of anything you need: paper, embellishments, work space and storage, to name a few.

Scrapbook storage is always at a premium.  YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH STORAGE!!! That means you have to have more, or at least make the most of what you have.  Having more never hurts.

The OriginalScarpBox has a solution to this never ending dilemma of insufficient storage–and still be organized.  Their Storage Drawers could well be the solution you need and are looking for.

Their 50 Piece Storage Drawer Set! Includes 40 totes and 10 clear zipper pouches.  One of the nice things about these drawers is they all fold flat for storage when you don’t need them.   Obviously, if you have them stuffed with your scrapbook essential you won’t be able to fold them up–just those you aren’t currently using.

They come in varying sizes to meet your many storage needs–from little things (like embellishments) to the larger items (like paper and cutting tools).  You’ll find the uses, let them provide the storage.

You should consider these additional storage, organization and workspace products from The OriginalScrapbox family:

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