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Every scrapbook artisan needs a cutting board.  Let’s be honest, you can’t seriously do without one.  The self-healing boards currently available are ideal for scrapbooking.  When it comes to working on scrapbook pages, there is always a need for more of one thing or another . . .  a good cutting surface for intricate cuts being one of them.   You may be using a very sharp cutting tool for these special cuts.  The benefit to the self-healing cutting mat is, unlike other materials, it doesn’t leave a field of cut marks to misguide your blade.

TheOriginalScrapBox™ has the answer for you with their EZ Cutting Board.

Here are some of the specifics:

  • A versatile Craft Mat.  Self-healing on the front side for use with rotary cutters and hobby knives.
  • The self-healing feature means that cuts will close up and virtually disappear and the multiple ply aids in preventing warping.
  • Measures approximately 12½” x 12½”
  • When you razor-cut things on this mat,  unlike other materials, it won’t accumulate a field of cut marks to misguide your blade.
  • The mat has graded grids to help with measuring.

If you need a larger size cutting board, you can always revert to the larger GIANT!Cutting Board.

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