man laughing You Need to Have a Sense of Humor

The Artwork courtesy of "The Wizard of Draws" by Jeff Bucchino

How many scrapbook pages have you looked at, most of which have a serious or somber appeal to them. That is not to say there is anything wrong with them–most of them are well done, use appropriate embellishments, and follow good design principles. But, sometimes we miss the point of what a good scrapbook should include . . . a snap shot of a precious moments in our lives, and the lives of ones we love. Life, however, is filled with more than just serious moments. In fact, many of our most remembered experiences bring a chuckle to our mind, time after time–as often as we summon up that memory. Why then is it that so many scrapbook pages are filled with the more serious side of our life. Haven’t we had, and don’t we have, fun anymore? If we do, then why aren’t we capturing them on some of our pages?

The next time you go to your favorite scrapbook store take a gander at the material–lots of things for you to use. Most of it, while very functional, have little or no independent character.

You have become a prisoner of the designers/suppliers. They lack a sense of originality. Rightfully so, their purpose is to provide items that can be used in a myriad of ways. You are the one ingredient they can’t produce. The character of your scrapbook pages come to being when you put their sterile items together on your scrapbook page or card. Your theme, pictures, journal entries and embellishment are what make the page.

Seldom do you find anything that would add a little “levity” to your pages. Again, you are the one who has to add that little touch of fun to your pages–adding them where and as you see fit.

They easiest way to begin a page that has a more light-hearted spirit about it is with a photo that almost by itself exudes a desire to laugh . . . you know, like a child with spaghetti all over their face, hair, etc.  A photo of someone laid out on the ice while ice skating . . . you get the picture (pardon the pun).

With a well selected photo, add what you feel will help tell the story behind the story in the photo. You can use stickers, rub-ons, your own penmanship, etc.

Remember, your scrapbook isn’t a “Guide to Life.” You aren’t paying homage or reverence to anyone. Your book isn’t a “tell all” confessional. What you are trying to do is capture a few moments that have special meaning to you. A refection of what your life is and has been–good things, funny things and maybe a sad thing or two.

As you put your pages together in your scrapbook, for heaven’s sake, don’t forget that life is filled with plenty of frivolity, and you should capture some of those moments on your pages.

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