cd hand labeled Labeling Scrapbook Photo CDs
If you have chosen to store your precious photographs on CDs, you may need to add a label to them so you know what is on the disc. You can always load a disc to see what’s on it, but if you have a large collection of CDs you could spend more time than you’d like on trying to find the specific CD you want. With simple labeling you can eliminate some of the time necessary to find that special picture you want to use.

The two forms of labeling are printed labels or handwritten labels. By default and expense the latter is the predominant choice. There is no reason not to use this method. Our caution and recommendation is that should you use this method be willing to spend the extra money needed to buy a pen (not a ballpoint pen–the pressure needed to use a ballpoint pen alone can cause disc damage) that is “acid free” and designed for writing on CDs. Oxidation from unwanted chemicals used in many marker pens can deteriorate you disc. A good CD writing marker recommended is Staedtler Lumocolor CD/DVD Markers.

cd dvd markers Labeling Scrapbook Photo CDs

Sanford’s Sharpie has been used significantly by scrappers and other CD keepers with no significant complaints.sharpie marker Labeling Scrapbook Photo CDs

When using printed labels, you may have to purchase additional equipment for your computer (software) and your printer. When printing labels you need to ensure they are applied properly. If they are lopsided they can cause problems with your drive. Some drives spin at 24,000 rpm. You don’t want to have to replace a drive. We recommend against using half labels for this very reason.

Adhesive Labels, as with pens, should have an “acid free” adhesive to attach them to your CDs. The sleeves, CD pockets, albums and storage boxes should also be acid free (designed specifically for this specific storage purpose).

If you purchase CD discs with individual cases, they usually come with a card insert in the front of the jewel case.  By removing it, you can write on it all of the information you feel is necessary for that CD.  Because these individual jewel cases do not have a label insert for the spin, you may have difficulty finding it in a mass of CDs.  You can add a stick on label and note a brief documentation of what’s on the CD.  You may use a file system–alphabetizing or numbering them, and using a typed list with specific documentation on it.   This only works on individually purchase CDs with cases.   If you buy bulk or spindles of  CDs and jewel cases separately you won’t have this option, unless you create a card insert for each case.

Labeling CD disc is necessary in your scrapbooking efforts. It does take a little extra time, effort and some expense, but the long term benefit is well worth the attention you give this important topic.

Avery CD labels are a good option to use.avery cd labels Labeling Scrapbook Photo CDs

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