pioneer cd storage box Organizing and Storing Scrapbook Photos on CDs

If you’re a serious scrapbooker, you are most likely an avid photographer . . . at least you take a lot of snap shots. This means you have a ton of pictures to store. With the advent of the digital camera we can store a lot of photos on our computers. They do take up a lot of computer memory–meaning we have to add additional memory in our computer or using an external storage medium.

One option we recommend is using a storage service–like Shutterfly. You can purchase the memory space you need. The other benefit is the safety of your photos should some disaster occur where your computer and/or external storage device is located. If the pictures are “priceless,” and we all think most of them are, having more than one saving source could pay big dividends.

Most of us, however, choose to use the CD option. Many computers manufactured today include a CD burner, and if they don’t come with one you can add them inexpensively.

CD and the storage services are in essence places where we can place our “digital negatives.” When we need them to print a picture, we can recall them at our leisure.

If you are using CDs to store your “digital negatives” you need to label them and organize them for easy retrieval. There is no best way to organize your photographs–by subject matter, date or chronological order, alphabetically, etc.–you need to choose the system best suited for your needs.cropper hopper cd organizer Organizing and Storing Scrapbook Photos on CDs

Storing CDs is equally a matter of choice. You can use boxes, albums, etc. to put them in, and mark them in some way to structure order and ease of retrieval.

When storing your CDs you want to be sure to use “acid free” storage boxes, binders and albums. The last thing you want is to have those precious memories you have documented in photographs to be destroyed or harmed by improperly protecting them–another reason for using storage services.

You also want to adequately label your CDs so you have some idea of what is on the disc. You can always load a disc to see what’s on it, but having some labeling is a time saver. We recommend you use “acid free” labels or marking pens. It may cost a little more, but our motto is “better safe than sorry.”

Pioneer Storage Box CD/DVD in assorted colors is a good storage option.

pioneer assorted cd storage boxes Organizing and Storing Scrapbook Photos on CDs

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