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Adding a vertical or horizontal border to your scrapbook page can add a special overall look.  Using a border is a great way to reinforce or enhance the theme focus of your page.

Consider the inclusion of a border when do your layout to ensure space is allotted to this fun element.  Like most everything surrounding scrapbooking, you have a lot of freedom to be creative in this embellishment option.

Borders can be constructed with a plethora of items:  stickers, ribbon, die-cuts, buttons, stitching, contrasting paper, patterned paper, themed paper . . .  and the list goes on.  Use your own imagination and get those creative emotions on the move.

Consider a mosaic border made with blocks of scrapbook paper scraps  you might otherwise throw away.  Cut them in to even sized squares–the size you can determine for your particular page, but 1″ squares work well.  You can quickly cut these cubes using your trimmer.  Attach these pieces with an adhesive in the order you like–you may want to do a “dry layout” first.  If the pieces are close together, you can use a strip of adhesive tape: photo tape works well, but any adhesive will work.  An alternate design would be to cut your paper scraps into triangles and lay them point to base using different paper triangle pieces to create a different look.  You’ll need to start with a trimmed piece, and finish off the last piece by trimming.  You can see how imaginative and easy borders can be, and in these two examples you’re getting maximum use of the paper you purchase.

Your border creation can be exclusively decorative, or you may incorporate it with some useful or practical purpose.  A great place for journaling, adding a title to your page, and you can add additional pictures–perhaps small prints cut in fancy shapes.

All of the creative ideas, tools and supplies can be used in the making of a stunning border.  You are not bound by any predetermined rules.

Any treatment or embellishment you would add or use in the regular production of your scrapbook pages can be used in the construction of your border–just make it as a separate vertical or horizontal part of your scrapbook page.

Borders can be purchased in a pre-packaged form, but we recommend you add something to these store bought edgings–try chalking, adding some fiber or string, buttons or dots . . . you get the picture.  This adds a little flare of your own creativeness and personality.  The border package below can be found at

scrapbook borders Borders for Scrapbook Pages

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