The world of scrapbook stickers can sometimes feel shallow and bland.  Sticker manufacture’s have been going to great lengths to increase their selections available, and enhance their usefulness with creative offerings.  Their efforts are commendable, and we encourage them to continue, but this doesn’t diminish our ablility to be equally as creative in our use of their special products. 

One interesting and useful technique you can use to make your stickers more dynamic and exciting in your scrapbook efforts.  Lifting your stickers off the page, and/or layering them is a treatment you can easily employ in your page embellishment.

So, how do you lift or explode stickers off your scrapbook pages?  The process is simple:

  • First, select the stickers you want to use on your page.
  • While many stickers offered have been precision cut, there are still many that have a white order–which you need to trim off, unless the border adds to your layout.
  • You will need pop dots or foam tape.
  • The size of your sticker will determine whether you should use foam tape or pop dots.
  • Select a sticker you wish to use.  Remove the the protective backing on the sticker. 
  • Remove the protective backing on the pop dot or foam tape, and place in on your sticker–glue side to glue side.
  • You need to neutralize the extra exposed adhesive on your sticker.  You can use baby powder, corn starch, or another white light powder. 
    • This neutralizing will help keep your sticker from rolling up or curling over your foam tape or pop dot, and stick to your scrapbook page.

Be creative and do some experimenting as you use this simple technique.  Layering stickers can have a special effect on your page.  One of the fun aspects of scrapbooking is the opportunity to be creative and inventive.  Expanding our horizons adds a distinctive personal flare to our pages.

Have fun!!!

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