softball stickers Using Scrapbook Stickers

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a bit of flare to your scrapbook pages is with Stickers.  Beginning scrappers will find they require no artistic talent to paste them on their pages . . . thus, they have become the work horse for many scrapbookers.  The fact that they come in so many designs, styles and colors is certainly one of the prime reasons for their significant use.  Most stickers are precision cut, so you don’t have to do much more than peel and stick them where you want them.

So, if you just woke up from a deep sleep that has lasted for several years, you ask what are stickers?  They are self-adhesive embellishments you can add to just about anything.  A car’s bumper sticker might come to mind–not what you’d want to use in scrapbooks, but they are stickers nonetheless.

They can be made of just about any material: paper (plain or embossed), card-stock, vellum, plastic or metal. Stickers can provide you with titles, quotes, phrases, letters, design accents, borders, and frames. You will find them in matte, glossy, sparkly, glittery, pearl, gem stone or just about any finish you like.  Oh, and you can find 3D and motion stickers too.

Because of the myriad of sticker offerings they are so versatile.  Embellishing scrapbook pages becomes less a chore than decorating from scratch–making your own (not that we recommend against creating your own embellishments–they lend a special touch to pages, but can consume precious time, and when doing several pages at a time this can be a challenge).  They are especially great when you are focusing on a theme.  There is most likely stickers already made you can use for your themed page because sticker manufactures keep producing special design after special design.  You chore may be in making a decision about which sticker(s) you want to use, rather than trying to find a sticker.

Finding stickers you can use is less a problem than using them.  Most scrapbooking supply stores carry a good array or selection.  Not many carry all that are available.  Online stores offer a great opportunity to get what you’re looking for at a reasonable price–especially if they’re on sale.  You may want to get them when their less expensive for use a some later date.  Take a look at the selections at:, and as a start.

Get yourself some stickers and get “stickin!”

One word of caution: There are many stickers produced, not all of them directed at scrapbook use.  Be sure the stickers you use are “acid free,” just like most everything else you use in scrapbooking.

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