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One of the real challenges we face as scrapbookers is to find books and albums to place our creative handy work into.  Some albums don’t allow the addition or reduction of pages . . . those that do means you have to purchase extra pages to add to your book.

Themed scrapbooks are the most difficult to deal with when it comes to finding a suitable album or scrapbook to use.  The PhotoBook is a great answer to this dilemma.   Now you can construct hardcover scrapbooks or photo albums you want with just the right number of pages.  This tool is very versatile in terms of the size of your scrapbook or photo book.

We recommend you take a look at their videos – click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of paper can I use with the PhotoBook Creator?

You can bind any type of paper in the PhotoBooks.

What kind of software do I need?

The PhotoBook Creator comes with software that can help you design your pages for your PhotoBook. This software is formatted for Windows Only!

Alternatively, you can also use any desktop publishing or layout program such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or PhotoShop Elements to create your pages.

How do I turn on the machine?

The machine is fully automatic, there is no ON/OFF SWITCH. Just plug in the machine and place the book on the heating element spine down to activate the machine.

After the light turns green, leave the book standing in the machine until it has fully cooled (60 seconds) to ensure the resin has hardened. This will prevent pages from slipping out.

What brands of covers can be used with the PhotoBook Creator?

PhotoBook Creator will only work with Covers made from Unibind.

How many times can the PhotoBook Creator be used?

The PhotoBook Creator binding machine can be used over and over again to produce PhotoBooks made by Unibind.

This is another of the great tools on the market you can use to create elegant and long lasting photo albums and scrapbooks.


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