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A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother’s hear.

. . . as grandmothers we have a sacred responsibility to encircle our grandchildren in love.
Gordon B. Hinckley

Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting.

A mother becomes a true grandmother the day she stops noticing the terrible things her children do because she is so enchanted with the wonderful things her grandchildren do.
Lois Wyse

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.
Albert Einstein

A grandmother is a baby sitter who watches the kids instead of the television.

Grandmothers are just antique little girls.

Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a present from you grandmother – you’re not sure what you’ve got but you’re pretty sure you’re not going to like it.
Jeff Foxworthy

Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all and the day was complete.
Marcy DeMaree

A grandmother is a mother who has a second chance.

A house needs a grandma in it.
Louisa May Alcott

I am a grandmother now, and that means age is creeping on, creeping on.
Lille Langtry

Just about the time a woman thinks her work is done, she becomes a grandmother.
Edward H. Dreschnack

A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.

When a child is born, so are grandmothers.
Judith Levy

With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding.
Job 12:12

I have a role now that I think becomes me. I am a grandmother.
Gene Tierney

Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you’re just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.
Pam Brown

We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence, Grandmother was that person to me.
Phyllis Theroux

A grandmother pretends she doesn’t know who you are on Halloween.
Erma Bombeck

I always give my grandkids a couple of quarters when they go home. It’s a bargain.
Gene Perret

My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, “Gramma, do you know you and God are alike?” I mentally polished my halo while I asked, “No, how are w alike?” “You’re both old,” replied.

. . . Church is where they are going. There will be a grandma there to answer her questions about cooking or nursing . . .
Boyd K. Packer

It’s such a grand thing to be a mother of a mother – that’s why the world calls her grandmother.

Grandma serves kisses, counsel and cookies daily.

There’s no place like home except Grandma’s.

Grandmothers are the people who take delight in hearing babies breathing into the telephone.

It is as grandmothers that our mothers come into the fullness of their grace.
Christopher Morely

. . . a dusty photograph bore silent witness that Grandmother is still concerned for her grandchildren and loves us even from beyond the veil. As Estella held that picture in her hands, she was filled with emotion as she remembered Grandmother’s love. I feel that same love whenever I remember my valiant pioneer grandmother.
Alma Yanira González

Grandmas don’t just say “that’s nice” – they reel back and roll their eyes and throw up their hands and smile. You get your money’s worth out of grandmas.

If God had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.
Linda Henley

Most grandmas have a touch of scallywag.
Helen Thomson

Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever.

Being a grandmother is our last chance to act like a kid without being accused of being in our second childhood.

If your baby is “beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, and angel all the time,” you’re the grandma.
Teresa Bloomingdale

Grandma’s kitchen . . . kids eat free.

A garden of Love grows in a grandmother’s heart.

A married daughter with children puts you in danger of being catalogued as a first edition.

If nothing is going well, call your grandmother.
Italian Poverb

Grandmas never run out of hugs and cookies.

If becoming a grandmother was only a matter of choice, I should advise every one of you straight away to become one. There is no fun for old people like it!
Hannah Withall Smith

Grandmother – a wonderful mother with lots of practice.

Sometimes our grandmas and grandpas are like grand-angels.
Lexie Saige

I have a warm feeling after playing with my grandchildren. It’s the liniment working.

My grandmother is over eighty and still doesn’t need glasses. Drinks right out of the bottle.
Henny Youngman

Grandmother-grandchild relationships are simple. Grandmas are short on criticism and long on love.

Grandmothers and roses are much the same. Each are God’s masterpieces with different names.

A grandma’s name is little less in love than the doting title of a mother.
William Shakespeare

His grandmother had lovingly taught him to be responsible for his own happiness and not tobe dependent upon others to bring joy and happiness into his life.
Robert D. Hales

“But your grandmother sends you presents all the time,” she said. “All that furniture for your dollhouse, new games and clothes, and now a skateboard . . .”
“Sure, that stuff’s OK, but it’s not like having a real person who can be with you . . .”
. . . maybe Caroline did have a lot of things sent to her, but she didn’t have a grandmother who played checkers with her, guessed at her riddles, and always came to school for open house. She didn’t have a smiling grandmother to give her a warm hug every Thursday night.
Patricia L. Dombrink

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