“Taking Shape”

Everything has shape. In our scrapbook experience, shape helps us continue our focus on our theme or focal point.

Shape can help define your theme’s identity and/or function. One important aspect of shape is in denoting movement–or lack of movement. For instance:
shapes8 square1 Using Shapes in Scrapbooks

Round or oval shapes give a message of movement…like rolling or rocking.

Square or rectangular shapes, on the other hand, give a sense of stability.

Triangles, depending on their orientation, express stability or instability.

Shapes help project a feeling, or guide the viewer to and through the principal purpose of your page or book.

Functions of shape can be passive or direct. Photographs have shape within them that are passive, but become more direct as you duplicate them in your embellishment. If the shape draws specific attention to your theme it becomes direct. If you use the shape more as a filler, it then becomes passive.

Experiment with shapes as you do a “dry” layout to see how it flows; notice where it takes your eyes–and most of all, does it help create or enhance your theme or page focus?

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