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panasonic digital camera Information on the latest Digital Cameras

Many scrappers are not content with just a snapshot. They want as perfect one as is possible. Each shot needs to be clearly focused–no blurs. Individuals in the snapshot should have a smile. Well, there are answers available for those willing to pay the price. The digital cameras that will help you are not your low end priced snapshot shooters. You can expect to pay from $300 – $500 (and more if you choose the “has everything models–not discussed here) for a digital photograph camera problem solver.

Here are some examples:

Sony’s 8 megapixel Cybershot T200 – offers a “smile shutter” that uses facial-recognition technology to locate a face in the picture frame to record the image only when a smile appears. Your job is to get the individual to smile.
Price: $499 – with a 5 x optical zoom with optical stabilization for blur free images, and a 3.5-inch LCD touch-screen.

Fujifilm’s 12 megapixel Fine Pix F50fd (Version 2.0)
– detects up to 10 faces and will focus on them–not non-human elements: trees, cars, a dog, etc. It will even recognized faces at an angle – or profile. This digital camera offers a CCD shifting-image stabilization system, and has an anti-blur mode. The F50fd is able to take dual shots – one with and one without flash – that can be viewed (compared on its 2.7 inch LCD screen.
Price: $299

Need or want some underwater pics? Then Olympus’s 7 megapixel Stylus 790 SW may be your answer. This compact digital camera can take snap shots up to 10-feet under water…the 3x optical zoom lens has a water repellent coating. A 2.5-inch HyperCrystal LCD screen has Bright Capture Technology to improve low-light photography.
Price: $299

Panasonic’s 12-megapixel Lumix FZ18 has an 18x optical zoom lens along with their Mega Optical Stabilization system. A new “intelligent automatic” mode can activate several such features at once like: intelligent scene selector – which analyzes your photograph’s environment then selects a scene mode to fit it; facial recognition which can focus on up to 15 faces; intelligent ISO mode for reducing blue in low-light conditions, and continuous auto focus to keep locked on a moving object.
Price: $399

There are other upscale digital cameras with features and functions suited to your needs and pocket book. You’ll need to shop around. Consult with a couple of camera specific stores (like Ritz Camera) in your area. These more sofisticated and technical cameras may require some “hands-on-traning” or pointers, so online purchasing may not be best suited for your purchase. Either way, seach out the camera best suited for your needs and budget, and have great fun creating your memories.

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