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Let’s face it—scrapbooking is a messy craft. Now that doesn’t make it bad. When you are
cutting, embossing, punching, etc. there is no way to keep your craft site clean. There are too
many little pieces of paper, etc. that get spread all over.

You do want and need as clean a work space as possible. You don’t need to be picking
unwanted pieces off your handiwork. Well, EK Success has a neat little tool to help you police
your craft work place to help keep it as clean as possible—The Craft Cleaner.

Here is what EK Success says about their hand held Craft Cleaner:

“Make keeping your workspace neat a snap with this handy tool. Simply run it along
your tabletop and it will pick up small paper scraps, glitter, or even embossing
powder. It has a sticky roller that catches the scraps and stores them in a small tray.
It can be easily cleaned with soap and water.”

Dimensions: Approximately 3” x 3”

Little things can be big things when you need them to be.  This is a little tool that can take care of the big job of keeping your craft space clean.  It sure beats trying to pick-up small things with your fingers.

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