pazzles insipiration electronic cutter  Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutter

There seems to be no lack of new and exciting products coming to market to help us in our scrapbooking efforts.  Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutter is no exception to the rule as one of the new and inovative products with great versatility and ease of use.  With this wonderful tool your imagination is your prime limitation.

Here is what the company has to say about this great machine:

Pazzles, the originator of computerized cutting systems in the scrapbook market, is pleased to announce the release of a new cutting system that is set to revolutionize the electronic cutting industry . . .

. . . Pazzles has led the industry with creative cutting machines, marketed either directly under the Pazzles name or by co-marketing with other manufacturers under their names. With the release of the Inspiration, Pazzles is launching a new era in the electronic crafting industry.

The Pazzles Inspiration is expected to set the standard of electronic cutters for years to come. The new 12-inch machine hooks up to any PC and allows for complete freedom of creation through innovative software, redesigned electronics and state of the art mechanics. For the first time since electronic cutters were introduced to the crafting market, crafters will have access to a machine that gives them complete freedom to create on a system that was designed exclusively for the crafter.

According to Ray Shelgosh, vice president of Notions Marketing, “The system is completely unique and in many ways superior to anything I’ve seen before.” Not only is the new Inspiration completely designed from the ground up with the crafter in mind, the new 12 inch format allows for exceptional creativity in a machine priced at nearly one- half the cost of most existing computerized cutters of its size.

Pazzles line of creative tools will also be available with the Inspiration. With tools that distress, emboss, draw, engrave, etc. the Inspiration is the complete tool for today’s demanding crafter. With packets available for vinyl application and Iron-on transfers, there is no limit to the creative products that can be professionally produced by the new Pazzles Inspiration owners.

Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutting Machine could well be the answer to many of your die cutting needs.

Here is what the company has to say about this great machine:

Electronic die-cut cutters have become a mainstay for many scrapbook, personal card and paper crafters. They aren’t without their critiques, however. For many crafters, being tied to pre-programmed cartridges hampers their creative abilities. Thanks to Pazzels, the ability to create and cut designs of your own choosing is found in their Creative Cutter Inspiration.

The Pazzels Inspiration’s advanced system lets you use the software of your own computer. All you need to do is plug your Inspiration into your computer using an ordinary USB cable. Now you are limited only by your imagination. You can cut the fonts on your computer, create your own tags and boxes, clip art, photographs, drawings, freehand designs of your own making, and the list goes on.

This compact cutter will cut 12” card stock, chipboard, and more. You can use the Inspiration to create home decor, wearable items, stamps, and any paper craft project! Designed specifically for paper crafters this is the ultimate home paper cutting system.

Here are some details on this fantastic electronic cutting system:

pazzles insipiration electronic cutter  Pazzles Inspiration Electronic Cutter


  • Cuts heavy cardstock, textures and Bazzil
  • 12” cutting width and 24″ long
  • Cuts fabric, embossing foil, chipboard, vinyl, iron-on, thin acrylic, stencil plastic, magnet paper and more
  • Design and create your own images using home photos and a scanner
  • Draw, Emboss, Distress and more
  • Customize your pages with any font
  • Advanced software allows you to automatically: outline, weld, convert clip art to cut-table images and more!


  • One 12” x 12” cutting mat
  • One cutting blade
  • USB cord
  • Inspiration Studio Design Software
  • 300 ready to cut images
  • Full color manual

System Requirements:

* Windows 2000, XP, or Vista Operating System
* 1+ Ghz CPU
* 256 MB of RAM
* 700 MB free disk space
* CD-ROM Drive

Most electronic cutters appear to be one of the more expensive tools in the scrapbook or paper crafter’s arsenal, consider the flexibility and versatility Inspiration Creative Cutter provides. For the serious crafter the expense is becomes less meaningful when you consider what you can do. If you’d like to purchase this fantastic cutting machine online, on sale, click here.

If you are a more serious die-cutter–and require multiple cut copies, and like the convenience and versatility of an electronic cutter, consider the advantages of Pazzles “production grade” Creative Cutter Pro.

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