“The Rule of Thirds “

When sitting down to plan your scrapbook page’s layout design several important elements must be considered. Two of those elements are: “The Golden Ratio” and “Rule of Thirds.” They are similar yet different as you will see.

We have tried to simplify some of the mathematical perspective and elements to provide a workable solution for you to consider and use. You already use these rules, you just may not know it.

Some people confuse the Rule of Thirds as being the Golden Ratio. While they are similar, they are different as the charts below illustrate.

The Top Chart Shows the Golden Ratio (in Red)

The Bottom Chart Shows the The Rule of Thirds layover on The Golden Ration (in Blue) golden ratio chart1 Scrapbook Layout: The Rule of Thirds

“The Rule of Thirds ”

The Rule of Thirds is an essential rule in the composition of photographs and scrapbook pages. The rule is simple: Imaginary lines divide the photo or page into nine (9) equal parts. Where the horizontal and vertical lines intersect as they create the nine imaginary boxes is where you align your photo’s subject, or your scrapbook page’s prime object or theme focus.

The use of this rule will help in making your photos and/or pages more pleasing to the eye, and easier for viewers to follow the natural flow.

While they are called “rules,” consider them more as guidlines. Using them as starting points, you can play with the placements a bit. Remember, you are your own best judge.

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