patchworkletd1 300x106 Fonts Help When Journaling Scrapbook Pages

The "Patchwork Letter" fonts are from Renaesroom.com

“The written message has its place.”

While written messages (journaling) and titles are helpful, they are not necessarily essential to your scrapbook page. Like all other elements of scrapbook design, your message should enhance your focus–”less is best.” There are a myriad of font types. This is another one of those areas where you can go overboard if you’re not careful. The fonts should be simple and easy to read.

When selecting a particular font be sure to consider who the reader or audience who will be reading or viewing the print. Here is where pleasing you may not be as important as pleasing them.

There are a few printer fonts that work rather well:

Arial (Italic)
Arial (Bold)

Verdana (Italic)
Verdana (Bold)

Times New Roman
Times New Roman (Italic)
Times New Roman (Bold)

Courier (Italic)
Courier (Bold)

Comic Sans MS
Comic Sans MS (Italic)
Comic Sans MS (Bold)

Arial (what is being used here) and, Times New Roman, Verdana, Courier and Comic Sans MS are used. As you can see all of these fonts are simple, clean and easy to read. These are fonts you most often see used in printed material. Limit using script (or cursive) and “fancy” fonts–they tend to be harder to read. It may be appropriate at times, but a word of caution is to use them sparingly.

Size and boldness can help accent, and from time to time, a touch of color helps too.

Using templates and stick on letters can be useful from time to time. Smaller statements like titles and simple small words can be done this way. It can take more time and expense, however.

The best way to add that “personal” touch is to use your own handwriting (or someone else’s if you can talk them into doing your journaling and lettering). Thoughts, titles and headings penned from your own hand add a much more personal look and feel. When hand writing use a good quality archival pen.

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