devil Scrapbook Page Layout Details Are Important

The Artwork courtesy of “The Wizard of Draws” by Jeff Bucchino

Have you ever looked at a scrapbook page and some little detail, some small element, for some unknown reason seems to just jump out at you.  That one item set the tone–it’s what we use internally–to draw our attention to what the page is really saying.  Sometimes we have added it purposely. Often, however, it just appears from the normal process of putting your scrapbook page together.  It could be a photo–or something in the photo, or how we journal and what we say.  The specific design or color palette we have used will catch our eye.

There is no one thing that makes this happen, and it’s often different with each person who views the scrapbook page.  Even though we may be the page’s creator, and have a specific focus to present, others will be drawn to some element, large or small, we had not specifically planned being so instrumental in telling our story.  It could be the picture(s), or the warmth of our color collection. In our journaling, a thought may bring home familiar warm feelings or experiences.  “Buttons and bows” in just the right places emphasize our story.  It well could be any one of these items, or a combination of them all.

What we can’t do is determine what the viewer’s perspective will be beyond our own.   Don’t try! Just design your scrapbook pages–put your thoughts on paper as you see and feel.   Add what you want to your scrapbook page to help express your thoughts or theme. Somewhere in that effort will be the details.   Something you added to the page will be the “detail” that brings home your page to you and others.   Just like the painters of old, who painted their pictures because they wanted to–became the “Masters.”  Do your pages as you feel inclined, and the details will generally take care of themselves, and you will be come one of the “Masters” of scrapbooking.

In the process of structuring your scrapbook pages you don’t have to try to be different or unusual. Good thought–well planned, designed and structured will accomplish the goal.

To test this process look at a scrapbook page and note what you focus on first. What took you to that spot.   Have others do the same thing and you’ll find a varied array of thoughts and focus.   Sometimes others will agree with your own observations, but not always.   Either way a message has been conveyed–because of some detail you have used or added to your page.

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