“What colors or color scheme should I use for my scrapbook page?” Is a question most all of us have asked ourselves at one time or another.

Understanding what color is and can do for you is essential. (See the article on Color Can Enhance Scrapbook Pages) to gain some understanding of the value of color.

color wheel 150x150 Choosing a Scrapbook Color SchemeThe difference between an attractively designed page, and a so-so page, could rest on your proper use of color. The use of harmonious colors, those that work well together will help in selecting the color scheme you want to use on your page. A color wheel can make this design step much easier to accomplish. You can purchase color wheels to have easily at your disposal as you work on your page projects.

Sir Isaac Newton created the first color wheel which allows us to visualize color harmony–what you think looks good.

Your first step is to pick a primary color as your base. This color should be one that supports your page’s theme or focus.

Your next step, with the help of your color wheel you can choose those colors that support your base color. Consider the colors that compliment, those that are analogous and the triadic colors to your base color.

  • What are complimentary colors?

Looking at your color wheel, they are the colors opposite each other:

complimentary colors colorwheel Choosing a Scrapbook Color Schemeredgreen

They look good together–which is why we say they compliment one another.

  • What are analogous colors?

Looking at your color wheel, they are the colors next to each other:

analogous color colorwheel Choosing a Scrapbook Color Schemeredorange

dscn2417 150x150 Choosing a Scrapbook Color SchemeThese are colors on the palette that blend well together. They tend to be less vivid and bright. Nature tends to combine these colors combinations in beauty and harmony.

  • What are triadic colors?

triadic colors colorwheel Choosing a Scrapbook Color SchemeThese are colors that are separated on the color wheel by 120° . . . the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) or secondary colors (purple, orange and green) are examples.

With the assistance of a color wheel you should be able to choose and blend the colors that will enhance your scrapbook page.

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