Information About the ScrapRack™

Keeping all of your scrapbooking tools and supplies well organized, and yet easy to find is a challenge. Among many other products out there, one that can help you get a handle on this task is:

The ScrapRack™.

complete scraprack The ScrapRack

This expandable and portable system could be the answer you have been looking for. It would be a great addition to what you are currently using. For sure, you would be well to take a look see.

A fully loaded ScrapRack™ can put thousands of supply items at your fingertips. All of this in a little more than 3 feet of space.

There is no complicated things to do to use this powerful organizer and storage system. You set up the contents location using a simple index which will become your “table of contents.” They provide you with some categories, but you can change them–and certainly add to them–for your specific needs. Then all you need to do is add your designated items to your categorized holders.

Organization is very important in our scrapbook activities. Having our scrapbook supplies and scrapbook tools readily available is both important to our working on pages as well as keeping our work area tidy. We tend not to “loose” things when they have an appropriate place to be stored.

Sometimes we think simple is less useful, but can be a powerful help when we are heavily engaged in our scrapbooking. When it comes to organizing our scrapbook materials and supplies–especially when they start to gather in quantity, we recommend using the KISS system ( “keep-it-simple-stupid”), as the saying goes. We don’t need to make it any more difficult than it can be at times, and this company has gone a long ways in helping us do just that–keeping it simple!

Check it out – The ScrapRack™

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