Use Color to Enhance

The use of color will evoke emotion and mood as much as anything other than the focal point item. Color has a language all its’ own. When used effectively and appropriately color will help you convey the message of your page.

color wheel2 150x150 Color Can Enhance Scrapbook Pages

Start with the primary colors: red, yellow and blue. Then use coordinating colors–those that are made by mixing two primary colors: red + yellow = orange. Adding tertiary colors–mixing primary color with its two closest secondary colors. Other elements of color are tint and shade. Tint = color plus white; Shade = color plus black.

As stated above, color has a language of its own. Each color creates a mood or gives a feeling. The chart below is a sample list of the various meanings, moods and feelings each color can give. rgb3 150x150 Color Can Enhance Scrapbook Pages

RED – Aggressive, Fire, Love, Strong, Heavy, Passion, Energy, Power, Debt, Heat

BLUE – Sky, Water, Comfort, Loyalty, Security, Peace, Stability, Trust, Wisdom

GREEN – Money, Spring, Health, Nature, Friendly, Healing, Growth, Freshness

YELLOW – Brightness, Energy, Happiness, Cheerfulness, Caution, Creativity

ORANGE – Warmth, Sunshine, Joy, Excitement, Determination, Success, Energy

PURPLE – Power, Royalty, Religion, Sophistication, Luxury, Nobility, Spirituality

BROWN – Conservative, Nature, Aged, Organic, Earth, Stable, Outdoors, Eccentric

PINK – Youth, Soft, Warmth, Healthy, Feminine, Tender, Trusting

BLACK – Serious, Cold, Expansive, Classy, Demanding

GRAY – Somber, Distinctive, Business, Cold, Moody

WHITE – Purity, Clean, Simple, Virtuous, Light, Tender

For more information on selecting a color scheme for your page see our article on: “Choosing A Scrapbook Color Scheme.”

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