The Original Scrapbox

originalscrapbox 300x216 The Original Scrapbox (Storage & Workspace)

Every scrapbooker dreams of having a dedicated room or space with which to indulge in their scrapping craft. Too many of us don’t have that spare room or “extra” space to use exclusively for scrapbooking. Anything short of having a free area to work on your pages, and store your materials and supplies is a challenge. It means taking things out, working on your scrapping project–hopefully getting it finished–then putting away your materials and supplies so you can use the space for another purpose . . . the kitchen, dinning room or den come to mind.

Frustration can set in when you have to set-up — work on your project — then put everything away. In fact, the challenge tends to keep us from doing what we like to do when we want and can do it.

For more details on The Original Scrapbox see their website.

Not to worry! If you’re willing to spend a little money there are solutions. For more information on answers and alternatives see our articles on :

“Scrapbook Work Place, Storage and Organization”

“Scrapbooking Armoire”

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